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Please note; all of our sales are sold as customer specific sales. Due to popularity and demand of LEES’ products we do not stock any of the products we manufacture. The down payment is required in order to procure materials required to build LEES’ exhaust systems. Therefore there are no refunds on down payments.

Notice: All of LEES´ Piper exhaust systems are  supplied with new exhaust cylinder gaskets and nuts for a nominal charge. Pipes are brushed to a satin finish. If you want them polished to a chrome look add $200.00. 15” is the standard PA-18 tailpipe length and is included in the price. If you have a PA-18 and have a belly pod installed and want the long 19.5”tailpipe you need to include it at the time you place your order. If not included at time of the order there will be a $250.00 charge to fabricate one.

PA-18 150Hp/160Hp RMW/CAHF Exhaust System $4395.00, 1000 Hour / 10 Year Warranty.

PA-18 180 Hp Standard Muffler Exhaust System $4795.00, 1 year/ unlimited hour Warranty.

PA-180Hp RMW/ CAHF Exhaust System $4895.00, 1000 Hour / 10 Year Warranty.

New Dyno tests just completed at LYCON engines as of 6-15-04 using a150 Hp Lycoming O-320-A2B engine.

Super Performance*- Gain 16Hp and 27lb/ft of torque when engine is leaned to best rpm. The gain in Hp and torque difference was accomplished using the same engine and comparing the OEM (stock) Super Cub exhaust system and Leading Edge Exhaust Systems P/N: PA-18-150ESA.

Note: The following information was obtained doing static pulls on an aircraft engine dynamometer as all of the dyno pulls are done. It is being presented for everyone that assumes when baffles are removed from the muffler the engine will produce more horsepower and torque.

The test results will probably surprise you. With no baffles in muffler and the engine leaned to peak rpm the engine lost 2 Hp and 7lb/ft of torque and in the full rich mode the loss was an additional 3 Hp and 3lb/ ft of torque. The total loss was 5Hp and 10lb/ft of torque, full rich, when compared to the dyno test using the same Leading Edge Super Cub Exhaust System PA-18-150ESA with muffler baffles installed, leaned to best rpm.

Super Performance* 6-04, Dyno Test, Gain 13Hp and 22lb/ft of torque with Leading Edge Exhaust System P/N PA-18-160ESA and 160Hp Lycoming 0-320-B2B engine.

Attention High Performance Experimental Crowd! Check this out. Using LYCON’s “Bad Boy” 160 Hp. Exp. engine and Leading Edge Exhaust System P/N PA-18-160ESA together pulled 197 HP and an unbelievable 371.2 lb/ft of torque. This is more torque than the 180Hp engine produced with nearly the same Hp. Find out more by clicking on the Hyper-Link listed below.

Super Performance* 6-04, Dyno Test, Gain 22Hp and 20lb/ft of torque with Leading Edge Exhaust System P/N PA-18-180ESA and 180Hp Lycoming O-360-A1A engine.

*According to customer dyno tests performed at LYCON Engine Rebuilding. LYCON Engine Rebuilding is the largest FAA certified engine rebuilding shop on the United States west coast. LYCON is a Lycoming / Continental distributor and is FAA certified for Lycoming OEM rebuilding. LYCON also builds a wide array of high power, high performance experimental engines.

LYCON Engine Rebuilding is located in Visalia California and their phone number is: 1-559-651-1070, Fax number – 1-559-651-3212, e-mail LYCON@LYCON.com and website www.LYCON.com.

  • Super Rate of Climb*-200 RPM increase in a 1000′ FPM climb, PA- 12 rate of climb, stock pipes 750′ FPM with Leading Edge Pipes 1150’FPM -53% increase
  • Super Balanced Back Pressure-Equal length primary tubes, patented muffler baffles balance all 4 cylinders within .05PSI
  • Super Access – You can actually get to the starter and alternator- no crossover pipe in the way
  • Super Cooling*- CHT’s and oil temps reduced, CHT’s reduced by 15-20 degrees, CHT rapid recovery and stabilizes in 1/5th the time after steep climb, Oil sump, alternator and starter do not absorb excess heat radiated by exhaust crossover pipe
  • Super Easy Maintenance- Entire system can be removed in 30 minutes without swinging the engine or removing any cowling
  • Super Construction-Entire system TIG welded by Certified Welders
  • Super Material- Heavy Duty 321 Stainless Steel, Muffler AD eliminated
  • Super Good Looking- Polished Stainless- looks like chrome

Our new Piper PA-18, Super Cub exhaust is designed to fit 150HP through 180HP engines. The 180HP engine is slightly wider than the 150HP – 160 HP engines. Our US Patented exhaust system is an entirely new design that performs very well and is much easier to install and maintain. The exhaust is routed through individual mandrel bent primary tubes with a wall thickness of .049″, 40% thicker than OEM. The primary tubes are attached to a dual inlet crossover design muffler that can be easily removed to replace exhaust gaskets, perform cylinder maintenance and inspect the muffler baffles. With this new design the cylinder back pressure is much more balanced and the firing order is being utilized for peak performance. All four cylinders are within .05 PSI versus the original system that has a much higher variance of 1.5 PSI, a huge difference! This equates to more balanced EGT´s. Having individual primary tubes eliminates the hot spots and subsequent material failures of the OEM exhaust.

The muffler baffles are fabricated from heavy duty 1.875″ x.049″ wall tubing result for extended life. Due to the firing order, the baffles theoretically will only see exhaust from one cylinder at a time. The exhaust pulse will actually oscillate back and forth through the baffle. This will decrease the concentration of heat within the baffle.

The muffler AD has been eliminated by AMOC, Alternative Means of Compliance. The muffler can is oval shaped and has more effective heating surface than the factory supplied unit. The wall thickness is also 40% thicker than the original muffler. The muffler is divided into 2 sections for carb and cabin heat. The carb heat side will supply rear seat heat. The removable overboard tube is a much larger 2.5″ diameter when compared to the stock tailpipe diameter of 2″ and the results are much better exhaust flow. Another tailpipe design, available soon, is a swept back version that allows the exhaust to be directed away from belly tank, float struts and landing gear. The entire exhaust system can now be removed in less than 30 minutes without removing one piece of cowling or swinging the engine!

This will decrease maintenance costs as well as wear and tear on the cowling, engine mount, cables and related components. Another major benefit is that our system removes the exhaust heat from the alternator, starter and oil sump areas by routing the pipes to the rear of the engine compartment. The stock crossover pipes are in very close proximity to these vital accessories.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any questions. We also have literature upon request.

FMA/PMA Approved for the following models. with 150 ,160hp, and 180hp Engines

PA-18, PA-18S, PA-18 -105-( Special ), PA-18A, PA-18 “125” (Army L-2 1A), PA-18S “125”, PA-18 BAS “125”, PA-18″135″m (Army L-21 B), PA-18 BA “135”, PA-18S -135, PA-18AS- 135, PA-18-150·1 PA-18A -150, PA-18S-150, PA-18AS -150, PA-19 (Army L-18C) and PA-19S.

"The design and integrity of these systems will be hard to surpass "

I have added 8 sets of Leading Edge Exhaust System manifolds to my fleet over the past 1-½ years and have yet to experience any exhaust leakage

Bryan Andrus
Director of Maintenance
Arctic Transportation Services
Anchorage, AK
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