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Leading Edge Exhaust Systems´ hand built, custom, equal length exhaust collectors reduce back pressure (balanced to .05″ psi between all cylinders) and balance the engine operating characteristics so well that a single horsepower is produced with less fuel when comparing LEES´ BSFC, brake specific fuel consumption, to the stock exhaust system, BSFC. Brake Specific Fuel Consumption is the amount of fuel required to produce one horsepower. In all of the dyno pulls using LEES´ pipes the BSFC was much lower when compared to the stock OEM exhaust system.. If the pilot cruises at the same engine rpm level as before the installation of LEES´ “Bad Boy” pipes fuel consumption should be lower. Using LEES´ pipes the engine will be able to produce more RPM´s so it is up to the pilot in command to have enough discipline to keep his foot, or hand in this case, out of the throttle in normal cruise.

Other applications will prove there is more power available. If you stop and think about the definition of a horsepower being the amount of power required to raise 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute, the only way you would notice it is under a load: short field and glassy water take offs; obstacle clearance or heavy gross loads.

My son gave a good analogy when he said it would be like me pulling up next to his pick up, in my Pro Street 600 Hp small bock77 Vega, on the highway and we both are cruising at 55 mph. You would not see or notice any difference between the vehicles until I romped on it. Obviously when I put it under a load the horsepower advantage would be very evident. So having more power has very positive aspects but it requires self discipline in order to realize fuel savings.

Please refer to Doug Drum´s own recorded measurements, before and after installation of LEES PA-12 180Hp pipes, on his good looking PA-12. Doug´s plane is shown on floats on the PA-12 180 Hp Short Mount product page. Please note the GPH reduction. The 180Hp exhaust pulled 22 more Hp than the stock system during a dyno test performed at LYCON Engine Rebuilding in

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"The Leading Edge Exhaust collectors far outlast other systems we have used in the past. "

Charles Rodgers
Director of Maintenance
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