Maule manufacturing and LEES

Maule manufacturing and LEES are in the process of collaborating to build a new equal length component dual exhaust similar to our time proven 2000 hour/20 year Cessna 205/210 dual exhaust system. Just as soon as we get an IO540 powered aircraft lined up we will proceed with developing a new system. We will have the system dyno tested once it’s completed. We are anticipating designing and building it over the winter months of 2006. We have over 20 years repairing the Maule exhaust in our Repair Station ABC Mechanical Services, FG4R179M, and knows what needs to happen to have a much better performer and very high TBO exhaust system.

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"Take- off was reduced by nearly half "

Climb rating to 3000m reduced from 20min to 17 min


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