Charlie Center 180 HP Lycoming PA12 – FOR SALE

Charlie Center 180 HP Lycoming PA12; has all the 20-25 Field Approvals- one of a kind-no longer available
Extended Wings
Extended Flaps
Extended Ailerons
Upper and Lower Baggage
110-115 MPH cruise
24 gallon Fuel Tanks, Burns 9 GPH
18 Gallon Belly Tank/ cargo pod
Seats 1 in front, 2 in the rear
Wipline Floats
2200 Fluidyne wheel skis
Tundra Tires
Gross weight increase
Dual lift handles at tail
Asking $185,000.00 has over $200,000 invested.
Contact Don Glaser 1-907-495- 3475 or 907-495- 3575

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"We are so impressed with the innovative design "

We have installed LEES’ exhaust collectors on our entire fleet of 206 and 207’s

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