Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners!!

Cessna 185F/ IO-520D STC Approved!!

We were notified by the Anchorage FAA/ACO office 185 STC was issued on August, 19, 2013! At this time we are accepting orders for the C185PMCF Production Build List.

Cessna 180 &182 Models Approved!!!

We were notified by the Anchorage FAA/ACO office 180 & 182 STC was issued on February, 9, 2016 and Amended on February 19, 2016! At this time we are accepting orders for the C180/182 PMCF Production Build List.

Early model 180’s with the large cowl flaps: add $1050.00 Other approved models: 182 -182P with the O470 L, R and S models and finally the182 Q&R with the O470 U, 180 – 180 J models with the Continental O470 K,L,R and S models are included on the PSCP as well as the 180K O-470U. NOTE: all O 470 models require carb heat for the climb/cooling tests. The PMCF muffler was designed for performance as well as cabin heat. Carburetor heat models require a carb heat flange, CAHF, to generate carb heat. The PMCF muffler does not produce carb heat.


We cannot overemphasize to place your name on the production build list ASAP in order to provide you with a system when your name rolls the top. The most succinct term I can use for  the “Build List” is perpetual….or in a constant state of flux… changing by the week; so if you want one in the future you are urged to submit your contact and aircraft info ASAP!

With the 30,000 aircraft 180, 182 and 185 aircraft market being our largest market to date, the sooner your name appears on the list the sooner you will receive your Leading Edge Exhaust System Power Monster Cross Flow high performance FAA/PMA, US Patented dual exhaust system. If your name is not on the list you might never be able to get one….the choice is yours!

NOTE: When placing order please provide: name, address, email address, aircraft model, aircraft serial number and engine model. We will request STC permission statement information when order is assembled and ready to ship.


*According to customer dyno tests. The latest dyno test was done at Lycon Engines using one of Ken’s IO550 Exp. 11:1 compression ratio engines. It pulled 354 Hp and 668 pound feet of torque with the stock Cessna exhaust system @ 2700rpm and with Leading Edge Exhaust System’s “Power Monster Cross-Flow TM” dual exhaust, it pulled 381 Hp and 708 pound feet of torque @ 2700rpm, a 27 Hp gain and 40 pound feet of torque! Fits Continental 470, 520 & 550 Engines – U.S. Patent #’s 5768891, 6796402 & USD579841S

Cessna 180, 182 and 185 “Power Monster Cross-Flow” TM
US Patented Dual Exhaust System.

  • Converts antiquated high back pressure muffler to true dual exhaust
  • *Gain 15 Hp and 28 pound feet of torque on an 0470 engine leaned to 2600 rpm, Dyno Tested.
  • Less back pressure, increased performance
  • Unique U.S. Patented “Cross-Flow” dual exhaust system consists of two totally independent high performance mufflers
  • 2½” tailpipes
  • 1¾” x .049″ mandrel bent, equal length primary tubes
  • ¼” flanges – 4 Hole
  • Patented 3-1 collector
  • Heavy duty fully tig welded construction

Please note; all of our sales are sold as customer specific sales. Due to popularity and demand of LEES’ products we do not stock any of the products we manufacture. The down payment is required in order to procure materials required to build LEES’ exhaust systems. Therefore there are no refunds on down payments.

See video of a completely polished exhaust system, only $500.00 per set.


"The new exhaust system has been a definite asset "

I immediately noticed a considerable difference in take-off performance off the water.

Quinn Darichuk

Macintyre Lake Lodge
Saskatchewan,Canada full review

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