Taking bids on all or parts of the sale of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLCFebruary 11th 2017

Bidding on entire operation includes everything below. Any items below #15 are included in the entire sale; not sold individually. If  you choose to bid on individual STC’s or the entire operation, please submit your bid and I will get back to you.  I am sure you will have questions so please email...



Turnkey Opportunity:September 7th 2016

“ From Africa to Alaska.. our pipes are well known and flown around the world”.  Sales in United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Nova Scotia, France, Namibia, Kenya, South Africa, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, France and more. No Pipes Compare “Turnkey Opportunity” You can become the largest...



Mandrel Bender back on lineDecember 3rd 2014

Mandrel Bender back on line and we are accepting new PMCF 185 Dual Exhaust System orders. Contact us ASAP to place an order. We are working on the next 10 set run at the present time and still have a couple spots open.. but that won’t last very long!  

Cessna 185F/ IO-520D STC Approved!!August 27th 2013

Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners!! Cessna 185F/ IO-520D STC Approved!! We were notified by the Anchorage FAA/ACO office 185 STC was issued today, August, 19, 2013! At this time we are accepting new orders for the C185PMCF Production Build List. Cessna 182/180 Models coming soon. Early model...



Noise test data for the Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Aircraft has been accepted.July 4th 2013

Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners!! LEES’ noise test data for the Cessna 180, 182 and 185 Aircraft has been accepted. It is being sent to FAA AEG  for final review. The noise test data will be applied to all models listed on the PSCP. The first aircraft is the Cessna 185 -185E with the Continental...



“Warning Beware!”April 6th 2012

As most of you who have dealt with Leading learned through publication on Leading Edge Exhaust Systems´ website our mandrel bending production came to a halt in October, 2011 due to a faulty Pines´ “Dial-A- Bend” processor. Long story short, I contracted bending for 2-1/2″ 1D and...



Attention Cessna 180, 182 and 185 owners. Check out the US Patented “Power Monster Cross-Flow” dual exhaust system offer below.May 1st 2009

Be one of the first to get a Leading Edge Exhaust Systems’ high performance dual exhaust system!! Please provide the following information to have your name added to the Cross Flow Dual Exhaust “Build List”. You will be assigned a priority number and future contact with you will be...



Think Green!! Save on High Fuel Costs!!June 11th 2008

Leading Edge Exhaust Systems´ hand built, custom, equal length exhaust collectors reduce back pressure (balanced to .05″ psi between all cylinders) and balance the engine operating characteristics so well that a single horsepower is produced with less fuel when comparing LEES´ BSFC, brake specific...



Announcing the pre STC advance purchase discountOctober 3rd 2007

Leading Edge Exhaust Systems is in the process of discussing production of the US Patented Cross- Flow dual exhaust system to fit the Cessna 180, 182 and 185 model aircraft with some prospective investors. They have asked us to corroborate the market potential so I´m turning to you, the aircraft owner,...



The PA-18-150/160 Hp model exhausts were recently approved to include the new RMW and CAHF as options to the original STC´s.April 1st 2007

The Revised Muffler Weldment, RMW, and the new Carburetor Heat Flange, CAHF, are now approved for all models shown on the approved model list, AML. The 180 Hp model is currently undergoing carburetor heat testing and should be approved soon. The RMW muffler has exactly the same high performance internal...



Seeking domestic and international dealersSeptember 5th 2006

Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC, LEES, is seeking motivated, experienced, well respected general aviation businesses to become LEES´ domestic and international dealers.  If selected, you can become a distributor for LEES´ popular FAA/PMA approved Piper and Cessna exhaust systems. LEES has many more...



Check out our web specialsAugust 12th 2006

Leading Edge Exhaust Systems, LLC has developed an Exclusive Website Offers page that will feature monthly discounted sales exclusive only to their website. To review the monthly sales specials just click on the button “Exclusive Website Offers” button located on their home page.  

Pre 55 Cessna 180 dual exhaust systemJuly 20th 2006

Pre 55 Cessna 180 dual exhaust system. We have expanded the list of aircraft to include more models even though pre-55 has grandfather rights regarding noise testing. No noise testing is required provided the logbooks can document it was flown prior to January 1, 1955. We decided to include several more...



Maule manufacturing and LEESMay 6th 2006

Maule manufacturing and LEES are in the process of collaborating to build a new equal length component dual exhaust similar to our time proven 2000 hour/20 year Cessna 205/210 dual exhaust system. Just as soon as we get an IO540 powered aircraft lined up we will proceed with developing a new system....



GlasAir Sportsman 2+2 prototypeMay 1st 2006

GlasAir Sportsman 2+2 prototype was completed utilizing LEES power proven Super Cub muffler.  Four new risers were developed using our Equal Length theory. The pipes were  sent to LY-CON Engine Rebuilding in Visalia, CA. WWW.LYCON.com, phone number 559-651-1070 where dyno tests were completed. The...



150Hp equal length Super Cub High performance exhaust systemApril 20th 2006

LEES 150Hp equal length Super Cub High performance exhaust system was installed on  Murphy Rebel in Canada. The owner is in the process of getting us some photos to publish. He said rpm’s increased both static and in flight. In flight cruise speeds also increased. The exhaust system the owner...



Piper PA-12 150/160 Hp short and long engine models passed FAA testingJanuary 16th 2006

The Piper PA-12 150/160 Hp short and long engine models passed FAA testing and now are PMA approved for the Aircraft Model numbers PA-12 and PA-12S.  

News from the ArchivesDecember 18th 2004

The Piper PA-12-150/160 Long mount test plan will be submitted shortly as a plane has been identified to be utilized during the upcoming climb/cooling and carburetor heat tests. The test plan is supposed to cover both the 150/160 “Short mount” and “Long mount” applications.   Leading...



Dyno tests just completed comparing Straight pipes, Stock Super Cub, and Sutton exhaust system.March 16th 2004

Read the eye opening results… The first thing everyone should be aware of is that LEES requested the following dynamometer testing be accomplished at LY-CON Engine Rebuilding. LY-CON had no involvement other than performing the tests at LEES’ request. If you have any questions regarding...



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